The iPhone 5S: A Cutting-edge Piece of Hardware

By Sookie Lioncourt

Despite sporting its predecessor’s hardware design, the iPhone 5S brings in a lot of cutting-edge features, giving proof to Apple’s “forward-thinking” marketing slogan. There are four major things that set the handset apart from the old iPhone – a fingerprint sensor, improved camera, faster processor, and a game-changing OS. These features sound like a gimmick to some, but they are considered as the biggest leap in terms of biometric authentication for handsets. Are these features considered an upgrade?

The end for iPhone 5?

Last September 10, the Cupertino-based company not only signaled the birth of a new technology, but they also placed the current flagship in the sidestep. Along with the iPhone 5C, the 5S is Apple’s attempt to demonstrate that they still have other product lines. These devices, according to Apple, will make up for the falling margins and slow growth of the iPhone 5. Last May, when 5S rumors started to brew, Verizon Wireless offered the iPhone 5 for $100, in a bid to make way for the new devices.

Design and Hardware

Of all the Apple smartphones on the market, the 5S perhaps gives the most premium experience, with a weight of 112 g. This is mainly because of the aluminum build with chamfered edges, giving you a smoother exterior panel than its predecessor. The most noticeable change when it comes to the design hardware is theaddition of colors: gold, silver, and space gray.

When you hold the phone, you will notice that the color schemes are extended to the Home Button, surrounding the mounted Touch ID. For enhanced security, the silver ring acts as the fingerprint reader. Meanwhile, the Home Button is now made in sapphire crystal, making it scratch-proof.

Fingerprint Scanner

As mentioned earlier, the fingerprint sensor is built around the Home Button. Before you can use the feature, you are required to set up a back-up passcode and undergo a brief training session for each finger. As opposed to the unresponsive fingerprint scanner of laptops, this technology will look beneath the outer layer of skin, thus making it unworkable with dead tissue and plastic finger imprints. Meanwhile, the phone will request your passcode after five failed attempts. But Apple said that such situation is rare, saying that the odds of another finger would be 1 out of 50,000, as opposed to the 1 out of 10,000 for a four-digit passcode.

Improved Camera

While keeping it simple, Apple has always done an interesting stance of the imaging capability of the iPhone. This is a different path Apple is taking, as opposed to most Android and Windows devices that integrate a boatload of customization features. While retaining the same 8-megapixel snapper, you will greatly benefit from the larger pixel size and lower aperture, giving you a 33% increase in light sensitivity. Under low light situations, the 5S gives sharper and less washed out photos than the current flagship. Also, you can use the new Burst Mode to take shots successively, and film a video where you can choose actual parts of the sequence to slow down.

For illumination, there is the new True Tone Flash, a dual LED flash that offers different color temperatures: Amber and Bright White.

Apple A7 and M7 Coprocessor

The Apple A7 promises you a seamless CPU, GPU, and image signal processor performance. This also supports the biggest changes in the iOS 7, with a switch from the 32- to 64-bit architecture. There is also the inclusion of the M7 coprocessor, that monitors signals and movements. To do this, the M7 chews up the motion data from the compass, accelerometer, and the gyroscope. When you use your fitness apps and Apple Maps, the movement can now get the data directly from M7, expanding your battery life by a sixth of the power consumption.

So how good is the new iPhone 5S? Is it worth the upgrade?


1. Design is elegant as well known trade mark of Apple Devices. Additional colors make it more appealing to fashion conscious consumers.

2.) Hardware is definitely a show stopper with its Apple A7 and M7 Coprocessor which makes iPhone experience more efficient and convenient.

3.) Camera enhancements on iPhone 5s is not bad either. Images are more clear and brighter which would appeal to those who loves taking pictures.

4.) The fingerprint reader is a great safety feature which is definitely is worth the upgrade

About the Author:

Sookie Lioncourt is freelance writer from London, whose interest lies on mobile phone technology and fashion. Aside from writing she enjoys reading novels and watching movies