AT&T new data plan is designed to hurt its customers

AT&T's new data plan is set to penalize its customers that mis-estimate their usage. Now few of us can figure our exact usage, and it changes as we use new apps such as Google Maps. But AT&T's plan charges huge
Screen-shot-2010-06-04-at-7.17.47-PM penalties for those that choose the lower cost plan of the two offered and then go over. Why not just move the rate to the higher plan when the data use is exceed? No, AT&T would rather find a way to charge huge penalties to its customers without delivering any data. This is cynical, customer-unfriendly, and another reason why we hate some of the carriers. The table at the left (from Reuters) shows what happens when a user of the lower cost plan goes over his allotment of data. A user with the 200MB plan will pay $125 more for the same amount of the data bought under the 2GB plan. You can read more about this from Felix Salmon's excellent article in Reuters and the inane double-talk response from AT&T's PR head, Mark Siegel.