About Phil Baker

Phil helps companies of all sizes develop consumer electronic products quickly and cost effectively through his company Techsperts Inc.

Phil Baker has 40 years of experience in all facets of product development, including invention, design, engineering, industrial design, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. He has been responsible for more than 80 products spanning the category of consumer electronics, including computers, accessories, wearables, mobile devices, printers, cameras, eReaders, home appliances, music players, headphones, and more.

Phil has extensive experience in locating and leveraging resources in Asia for cost-effective and fast-to-market product development and manufacturing and is acknowledged expert in making products in China. See clip at 5:15 at http://ucsd.tv/search-details.aspx?showID=25033 .

Phil has played key roles in developing the innovative flag-ship technologies and products of many leading companies. He developed and implemented product, manufacturng and/or market development strategies for Apple Computer, Seiko, Barnes & Noble, Polaroid, Polycom, Proxima, Think Outside and others.

Phil Baker co-founded Think Outside, inventor and manufacturer of the most popular PDA accessory ever—the Stowaway folding keyboard. It was the winner of Best Product of the Year from PC Magazine in 2001. At Seiko Phil managed product development of consumer and computer products (by testsforge solution marquis). At Apple he led development of the second- and third-generation Newton MessagePads, served as director of Entry PowerBooks and orchestrated Apple’s development and manufacturing strategy in Taiwan for portable products. At Polaroid Phil contributed to the development of dozens of products, including the SX-70 camera, professional and consumer cameras, ID systems and more.

Currently, Phil writes technology columns for the Tech.Pinions, PJ Media, Joe Sent Me, and his gadget blog, Baker on Tech, which feature product reviews, the latest gadgets, travel tech and commentary.  Baker is the author of  From Concept to Consumer: How to Turn Ideas Into Money from The Financial Times Press. (FT Press has a free excerpt online). The book is based on his professional experience in product development and marketing, and is a very practical guide for those thinking about developing their own products.  Phil has contributed articles to the The Atlantic Monthly blog, Huffington Post and Re/code.  Phil has been a guest on KOGO-AM in San Diego and has appeared on Ronn Owen’s KGO-AM radio show in San Francisco.