Send AT&T CEO Too Many E-Mails, Get A Free Cease And Desist Order

This headline appeared on the Consumerist with a description about how a customer was rebuffed and threatened that his account would be closed if he sent any more mails to their CEO. The emails were questioning a new pricing plan and dropped calls, but not rude or threatening in any way.  I emailed Mr. Stephenson to get his explanation before posting this, but never heard back.(UPDATE: A spokesman for AT&T apologized.)

AT&T seems to be in a foul mood these days and are becoming more aggressive towards its customers. Clearly they're trying to erect some barriers just before the new iPhone is to be released. They've nearly doubled the cost to terminate a contract to $325 and they've changed their data plans to a metered model, moving away from the previously "unlimited" plan.

The $325 charge is timed to discourage their customers from defecting to Verizon when they come out with the iPhone (rumored to be somewhere between September and early next year). Those that buy the new iPhone later this month on the ATT network should think twice if they really want to move to Verizon.

ATT coverage and dropped calls continues to dog the company's reputation. I was told by their PR guy, Mark Siegal, a year ago that these problems would be solved by now. But even Steve Jobs recently said there are still problems that he hopes will be fixed by the end of the summer. And my experience with dropped calls in the San Diego and Bay area are getting worse.  Apple stores now have a way to measure the number of dropped calls with a simple test. When they tested my phone it was over 20%. They gave me another phone but it's been equally bad.