It's that time again to make some predictions about what to expect in consumer tech for 2011. But first, here's a quick review of last year's predictions.

Mostly right

I predicted that we'd see new smartphones with larger 4- and 4.5-inch touch displays, and that proved correct with the Droid X, HTC EVO and Nexus S phones, in spite of Steve Jobs referring to them as Hummer phones.

The debate over network neutrality heated up as predicted, with Google and Verizon trying to make their own side deal. One prediction that hasn't panned out is that the FCC would take a strong stand against network neutrality. Instead, it's shown no backbone.

The prediction of a new iPhone that would be built of more rugged materials proved to be true, unless you drop it and shatter the glass back. That the iPhone would continue to encounter problems on AT&T's network proved true, and that AT&T would try to limit data usage and charge for higher usage also happened. No more unlimited data plan for the iPhone (unless you're grandfathered in). That Verizon would begin selling the iPhone seemed like an easy prediction, but we're still waiting.

Apple did introduce a tablet computer that everyone predicted, but no one knew how successful it would turn out to be, except, perhaps, Jobs.