When I was asked by CBS to appear on their evening news, it was because I wrote a column about how obvious it was to me, as an engineer, that Toyota was covering up the cause of their automobiles' sudden acceleration problems. It was the first newspaper story that put the words "Toyota" and "coverup" in the same headline.

Toyota officials said they never experienced a single incident that was caused by the electronics, and attributed the problems to floor mats and sticky pedals.  But the evidence they cited was very sketchy, a few weeks of testing by a company hired by their US law firm to see if they could induce the problem. Knowing how thoroughly their own engineers test the cars they design and build, it was odd that they would not allow those engineers to testify or release the results their own testing that would be much more comprehensive.

Now ABC has uncovered two instances in which Toyota service personnel experienced sudden acceleration themseves and reported it to the company. And what did Toyota do?  They bought back the cars the and asked the owners to keep it secret. Check it all out here: