Techsperts provides product development services to companies of all sizes. Areas of activities range from coaching and advising company executives to assembling and directing teams of experts to develop new products. Teams are tailored specifically for the product, making them more effective than using a general purpose design company.  In this age of increased competition and Internet commerce, there’s a growing need for companies to create their own unique offerings.  Techsperts has been a pioneer in this area, and has worked with many consumer-branded companies to develop their own technology products. Many of these companies began with no internal development resources. Techsperts both assembles external teams to develop specific products, as well as  defines and builds internal resources to make a company self-sufficient.

Have you just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign and wondering what to do next?  You have a great concept, a receptive audience, and now need to get the product developed and manufactured. Contact me for a free consultation to guide you to your next steps.